From one activity straight into another! If surfing gave us the thrill seekers’ fix, then yoga was up next to put our tired bodies back in the zone and be able to relax after a full night of partying. Yes. You read that right, I was convinced by all the girls to join them for a night out to experience Bali after dark. Muahahahaha! *cue sketchy music*

Just kidding! We actually had quite the night as all five of us (Laureen, Kryz, Camille, Patricia, and I) danced the night away to Top 40’s hits and played match-maker with Laureen to no avail. lol! She’s too picky! haha! Sorry, Lau.

I don’t know how we managed to wake up 3 hours later for an hour-long yoga ‘sesh’, but we did! Just notice how there’s two people missing in the line up! hahahaha! No comment.

To my surprise, it was actually very beautiful to see Bali that early in the morning and set our minds for the awesome day they had planned. See Bali Video blog (Coming Soon).

Kudos to Noelle Hilario for being our teacher for the day and to Bubbs for teaching us proper posture and alignment. I have yet to take one of your classes!

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